We asked one of our clients, a well respected and rapidly growing company in the Vancouver Sales Vertical what impact our AI engine had on their Sales Operations. They told us that within four months we had reduced their sales team cost by 20% while at the same time adding more than $6 million to their projected annual revenue.

We were quite taken aback. Initially we expected a more modest impact as our Machine Learning Solution was relatively new and our algorithms were not fully trained. In fact we had not even begun training our model to predict churn and lead scoring.

This feedback led us to reach out to other firms like Maximizer, FreshBooks, etc and when we asked them about their toughest challenges in their sales and sales operations, we consistently heard the same messages:

  • Duplicates in their CRM systems were causing them frustration and the lack of verified contact information was wasting valuable prospecting time.
  • There was unhappiness with having to scale up a sales team when it was possible to enable already trained staff to work more effectively.
  • Many leaders mentioned to us that although there was a surplus of AI solutions for marketers, they were disappointed that so few effective machine based learning solutions existed for sales and sales operations.
  • Others commented that they were frustrated at managing vast troves of data knowing that they were missing out on key insights and having to spend way too much time managing their ever growing data piles.

Over the next few weeks we will explore deeper into these topics. Sign up for our newsletter, as we share our findings around:

  • What parole applications can teach us about timing in sales.
  • How to calculate the real costs of CRM duplicates
  • How AI can enrich your data beyond basic demographic data
  • Which smart-bots work best with Machine Learning to optimize your lead generation
  • Why a 5% increase in your lead scoring is the best thing to accomplish this week
  • How correctly matching a lead to the right salesperson makes for happier customers and a more engaged sales force.

Stay tuned!